RIT & Firefighters Deployed

Volunteer First Reposnders from Broward, Dade and other Florida Counties have been deployed to help with the devastation left behind today by Hurricane Michael.  As reported by Fort Lauderdale-Fire Recue's Facebook Page, "Four members from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, including our search dog "RIT" have been deployed with FEMA-TF2 for the potential impact of Hurricane Michael. We wish them a safe mission and return home once their job is complete! #flfr City of Fort Lauderdale - City News.

Hurricane Michael has been coined as the worst Hurricane to ever hit the United States Coast in the rgion affected.  Hundreds of thousands of Northern Florida residents are without power and First Reposnder search and rescue efforts are now begining within the region. Presdient Donald Trump is expected to visit the affected region on Sunday or Monday.  Other volunteer First Responders from the South Florida area are currently on stand-by for deployment to help with releif efforts.

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Aftermath of Hurrican Michael

(Livestream by CBSN)

(Photo Source: Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue Facebook)


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