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Learn more about Broward's Top Cop, Sheriff Scott Israel, in this video, "Behind The Badge", (produced by the Florida Sheriff's Association) as he quotes the Late Dr. Martin Luther King and speaks of the tragic shooting at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. 

If you haven't heard yet, Sheriff Israel and the Broward County Sheriff's Office is working hard to help breakdown the walls and unite within Broward's Urban Communities.  Working closely with Urban Leaders like Wayne Barton of Wayne Barton Study Center in Fort Lauderdale (whom is a  former Broward County Deputy Sheriff), the Broward County Sheriff's Office helps sponsor an on-going "mega-food giveaway" within Broward's Urban Community which helps provide needed meals and nutrition to families and children in need.

"The Human Touch"


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While many other community organizations help provide food giveaways, Wayne Barton and Sheriff Scott Israel's Office takes first place! For good reason, most community food banks require a lengthy application and qualification process to dertermine eligibility.  It appears, however, that Broward's Top Cop and Wayne Barton have alleviated such rigorous requirements; in that, a multitude of community leaders, volunteers and deputy sheriffs collectively help distrubute "tons of free food" to urban community members on an ongoing monthly basis. 

In fact, the Broward County Sheriff's Office Food Giveaway provides ANYONE in need with about two (2) months of groceries to feed the recipients entire holdhold - without the requirement to quaify or otherwise.  It is common to see grateful community members leave Wayne Barton's and the sheriff's food giveaway with "shopping carts" packed with nutritian and "no strings attached"!  

On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, SONIK VUE  released an eight (8) minute Public Service Announcement (PSA) which highlights "The Human Touch" of First Responders and Unsung Heroes.  Footage captured features Broward County Sheriff's Office Food Giveaway, Broward County Sheriff's Aviation Search and Rescue Helicopter, Wayne Barton Study Center, James Club Recovery Center and Mt. Olive Development Corporation. You may view SONIK VUE's past footage of these events by clicking here or here!  - By Gary Metz, SONIK VUE

"Behind The Badge"

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Florida Sheriff's Association


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