Gary Metz, Executive Producer

April 06, 2017 - 421 views


Following the death of Father Bill Collins, Founder of The Poverello Center in Wilton Manors, FL; I was inspired to bring to light his great works in a documentary film entitled, "FATHER BILL" - The Journey of a Saint.  Since that time, SONIK VUE enhanced its film project into a documentary, “American Episodes" - "Captured In Reeltime"! The film will feature Muhammad Ali, Jr. (the natual born Son of the Late Muhammad Ali, earmarked as America's greatest sports fiqures of the 20th Century.   

The content we capture is intended to highlight the good works of "Unsung Heroes" (begining the with Late Father Billl Collins); to include the “noble and good works” of First Responders; namely those who serve as law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, The Armed Forces, physicians, medical personal, utility workers, disaster relief organizations, governments, public officials and "Unsung Hereos". Collectively, we believe this special group of our society generally make great sacrafices over personel interests and family (often risking their own well-being) for the protection and betterment of the people and communites in which they serve and/or protect. 

We agree with free speech and accountability video jouralisium as mainstream media reports daily.  What's unique about SONIK VUE is the focus and reporting more of "the good news" rarley captured, as compared to traditional evening "breaking news". Our independent media and broadcast network is inspired by the philosphy that: "Press freedom is essential to our democracy, but the press [and people] also must not abuse this license.  We must be careful with our power." (A Quote of Walter Cronkrite, Forward to: "We Interrupt This Brodcast", by Joe Garner, 1998)

Our Strategic Alliances

SONIK VUE, an entertainment production of SONIK VUE, Inc. (formally Mobility Television, Inc.) has established boni-fide straregic alliances, partnerships or affiliations with some of the world's most respected brands as: Apple Affiliate Network, Microsoft Partner Network, IBM Cloud, Amazon Partner Network, FilmOn Media Networks, Inc. and others.


A special "thanks" is extended to Richard DeVasto, Retired U.S. Marine and U.S. Marshal; Lorraine D. Powell Managing Partner of GTL Management, LLC.; Muhammad Ali, Jr.; Tony Robbins of The Tony Robbins Foundation, Billionaire Media Tycoon Alki David of FilmOn Media Networks, Inc.; Carol Dawson, Past COO of FilmOn Media Networks, Inc.; Broward Country Sheriff Scott Isreal; Broward Country Sheriff's Office and Deputies; Broward County Fire-Rescue; Mayor Dean Trantalis of Fort Lauderdale; Mayor Gary Resnick of Wilton Manors; Dr. Michael N. Pierce; Wilton Manors Police Department; Fort Lauderdale Police Department; Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue; Battalion Chief Jermaine Fraizer and Captain Lesly St. Fleu of Fort Lauderdale-Fire Rescue; Fort Lauderdale Fire-Resuce Community Response Team (CERT), Jeff Stahll, Broward County Ameatur Radio League, The Pride Center at Equality Park, The Late Father Bill Collins of The Poverello Center; Miss Geico Offshore Race Team, Joshua Pettus of Boys With Boats, Joycyln Norris, my JAVA Boys Friends; The Guardian Angels and so many others!

Help us with our endeavor to show appreciation and support to America's First Responders, especially The Armed Forces and those on the frontline protecting our safety and freedoms, and our Unsung Hereos who make significant contributions to make this a better world!

(Photo:  Muhuamad Ali, Jr. and Gary Metz at The Movie Studio, Inc. at Gulstream Race Park)


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